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junglecat78's Journal

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I grew up in NYC and I just recently moved back to Brooklyn from las Vegas. Let's just say I was a tad bit out of my element. MAJOR CULTURE SHOCK!!!! I missed NY so much. I felt so landlocked! I missed the ocean. People don't realize how beautifun NY really is. All people ever really see is the city. Don't get me wrong I'm a city girl at heart!! I like to think of myself a intelligent and witty with a keen sense of fashion. I'm a makeup artist and that is my art. I love how I can transform a face. I LOVE books, movies and MORE books!!! I'm a loyal person Leo's usually are. Well that's it for now!!!!! Basically, I only use this account for ONTD!!!!!! I'm OBSESSED w/ Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Jared Letooooooooo....!! And I don't give a F@#* what YOU have to say about it!
30 seconds to mars, a beautiful lie, aesthetics, alaxander mcqueen, alice and olivia, alice in chains, american psycho, amy winehouse, anything chanel, augusten burroughs, balenciaga, barneys, beautiful eyes, ben nye, benefit, bergdorf goodman, betsey johnson, bjork, black snake moan, blade runner, boondock saints, brooklyn, burberry, cartier, cavalli, cerebral minds, cheese, chelsea, chelsea handler, chinese culture, chloe', christian bale, christian loubutin, cynthia rowley, damian rice, daniel day lewis, dark eyeliner, dark nail polish, david bowie, diesel, dior, dolce&gabanna, driving alone all night, enemy of mine, existenz, fiona apple, guns&roses, halloween, hermes, intensity, italian food, italy, japanese food, jared leto, jewlery, journey, kaviar and kind, makeup forever, manolo blahnik, marc jacobs, meat packing district, meeting new people, mehron, michael kors, motley crue, movies, mr. nobody, music!!! clothes, my so called life, narciso rodriguez, nars, nikki sixx, nyc, ontd, oscar de la renta, perry farrel, pink floyd, pizza, playing guitar, porno for pyros, portishead, prada, pucci, really high heels, red wine, rock and roll, ryan gosling, saks, sergio rossi, sex, shannon leto, shoes, sin, singing, skinny jeans, soho, steamers, stella mcarthney, stila, sushi, tarentino, the 212, the east village, the echelon, the hamptons, the king of queens, the machinist, the mars army, the police, the rain, the time traveler's wife, this is war, thrift stores, thunder, tim burton, tom ford vintage, traveling, walking the brooklyn bridge, walks alone on beach, watermelon, wes anderson, williamsburg, working out, yves saint laurent, zac posen